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S is a low density polyurethane (220g/l), with physical foaming agent (small scale) or lightweight technology of carbon dioxid vans shoes e can be made. The innovation combines innovative design of mould is also used, pushing production completed on a machine. Polyurethane must meet the functional requirements of each component. The tensile strength of the first layer to ensure the comfort of shoes, outer end of the liner has better slip resistance and wear resistance. And this combination of dual-density systems greatly reduce the weight of sneakers outside structure and flexibility, reduce vibration. Produce the sneakers without adding adhesive, all highly automated production process. Desma customized machines on display and show the sneakers production technologies, but has not been on the market for sale. Thin lining is the prototype

Sample carrier material, not polyurethane. 2014 old Chinese Expo is being held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center, a group of classic retro products sought after public, at the same time, the old firm have expanded the youth market, to create goods street fashion. Please listen to the report: fact: there was a time it's hard to buy, taste, malted milk, eat good, taste good, but also affordable. Booth at the Shanghai coffee factory, music taste, and malted milk brought back a lot of memories of old Shanghai. Coffee plant head Yang Dongwei told reporters in Shanghai, in February this year, they will both classics back on the market after the product improvement package in just more than six months has been selling millions of packages, this has been more than 80 years old have seen hopes to revitalize the brand. However, the biggest problem now is the old brand to attract young people, therefore, they do not

Only in traditional Qing dynasty based o vans ca carillo n coffee, milk coffee, adding all kinds of fancy coffee, to leave your old shop online sales doubled. Fact sheet: all foreign brands now in the coffee market, we now trade is relatively small. Sales habits in order to adapt to the modern sales and especially young people, already have franchise stores on the cat, sales no sales online turned over more than 1 time. Hero pens also converged towards the youth market, the reporter saw at the booth, an ink SAC replaced the traditional portable pen ink, lightweight fashion, attracting a lot of young consumers. Fact sheet: this pen writes well, his appearance full of beautiful, light and easy to carry, our young people have a pen SAC without back ink, the convenient. That have been exported to more than 100 countries with a bouncing ball