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Officer, adiPure more traditional pair of Motion in the entire series, designed for the beginner to use. Designed to encourage followed by a runner, try natural first step in running. Shoes on both sides of the stripe design can minimize the footwork, mesh Quarterpanels format make your feet  nike blazers low more comfortable.Tech Fit upper forefoot used increased by high-tech foot pressure analysis of lattice systems designed by PU printing, instep, especially brings great stability and forefoot comfort, prepared enough for running forefoot landing package. In addition, adiPure has a special shoe, and a unique double in the field at the end can make you have a conventional running shoes with heel support, and can encourage runners to use more natural running style at the same time, the effective protection of extensive bone. Nylon buckles for wear

Shoes became convenient and smooth and also make footwear more fitting the feet. ADIWEAR outsole can simulate feet movement, allowing runners gradually raise natural soft tissue supporting structures, make muscles grow stronger and stronger leg strength. PUREMOTION technologies muscle in a more liberal manner, tendons and ligaments stretch, push-pull and grip. While still allowing foot movement becomes more natural, quick adjust and minimize the impact. Natural running gratitude practice shoes, traditional heel design to match new outsole designed movement the legs natural stretch, no longer tied down. Suitable for primary runner forefoot landing wearing full natural fun run. According to foreign reports, has achieved Olympic sports brand adidas products in the United Kingdom's sales target, United K nike blazers high ingdom fans lining up to buy British

Country team's t-shirt, t-shirts, United Kingdom flag, and so on. CEO Hainer said adidas, their total sales of Olympic products up to 100 million pounds (156 million dollars), and is also being continued selling. Adidas ' sales have pulled back the London Olympic Games and the relevant market investment of 100 million pounds. Hainer also said that the London Olympic licensed product sales are three times as long as the Beijing Olympics, from a commercial point of view, the London Olympics is adidas ' sales by one session. Traditionally, the sporting goods manufacturer does not par with the soccer competition of the Olympic Games, such as the 2012 European Championship, for adidas soccer products brings a record of 1.6 billion euros ($ 2 billion) in sales revenue. Adidas athletes for the Olympic village, as well as volunteers to provide 3 million pieces of equipment, 2014